Holy Trinity Dulwich Hill
I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.
John 10:10(b)

Who We Are

Holy Trinity parishioners are a cosmopolitan group ranging from the very young to the elderly and include a diverse range of nationalities.

As members of one body, we feel very strongly that it is the people who attend Holy Trinity who are the church.

However, Holy Trinity is more than the group who attend today, we are a collection of pilgrims continuing a journey that began in the 1880’s, at Dulwich Hill.

Our Mission:

For the whole church, to bring the whole gospel, to the whole community.

In order to fulfill this mission we see it as essential that our service is to both one another as a parish and to the individuals in need in our community.

Worship Services:

At present Holy Trinity holds one 9:15am worship service on a Sunday. This is a family service combining young and old alike. There is a Sunday School at this service and within the church, a play area for the kids. Our music is a mix of traditional hymn and contemporary music.

Communion is celebrated every Sunday and everyone is welcomed to join. This is a special time for us where we stand united around the communion table, to join asone family, as we remember Christ’s message to us.

Activities Within The Larger Community:

  • Youth Center

Trinity’s is open between 3pm and 6pm on weekdays, offering local kids (Upper Primary and High School students) a safe supervised place to unwind after a long day at school or support to those no longer at school. Over 60 kids a day from mainly years 7 – 10 visit the centre and have taken it on as their own.

Trinity’s exists purely due to the support of members and organisations in our local community and the fundraising efforts of parishioners at Holy Trinity Church.

The centre is always fully supervised by usually 2-3 supervisors and volunteers to ensure the safety of the kids within the centre and to make sure they are contained within the centre itself. The staff are also in regular communication with local schools and police serving in the area to avoid any misuse of the centre.

  • Community Involvement

The centre is frequented by members of the churh community at Holy Trinity so that kids become connected with local members in their community.

Trinity’s clientel are also kept informed of encouraged to support or become involved in local community events.

  • Boxing and Fitness Training

Kids also have the opportunity to become trained in boxing, kickboxing and wrestling with Father David Smith in the Holy Trinity School of Martial Arts. Father David has become a strong believer in the benefits of disciplined physical training for young people.